Digital Girl With an Analogue Heart

Jamie Franklin

Creative Ecommerce, Digital Marketing and Social Media Management

At the core of any digital communication is a human interaction

How a Company Chooses to Communicate Digitally Reflects on the Success of a Business.

Meaningful Digital Marketing is about creating stories that inspire, content that's useful, interesting & shareable, and most importantly an ongoing dialogue where all parties are valued.


A creative Digital Specialist with over 10 years of international experience in Ecommerce, Social Media & Community Management, Digital Marketing, and Web Production in Europe and North America. I help create community and brand loyalty, increasing brand awareness and growing business.



Social Media

Digital Strategy



Hi! I'm Jamie!

With a passion for the old and ultra new, I'm very much a “Digital Girl with an Analogue Heart”.

I'm drawn to creating whether it's devising a performance in an unconventional location, growing and developing an online store or planning the digital strategy for a new business, I approach things with a creative and thoughtful mindset.

Interests: Music & Collecting Vinyl Records, Theatre & the Arts, Silent Films, Travel, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Knitting, Costuming.

Past Employment

  • Bluenotes
  • Just-Eat Canada
  • Disney
  • Dealogic



Ecommerce Manager

Established in 1984 Bluenotes is a lifestyle clothing brand with over 130 stores across Canada.

Role Details

  • * Define strategies for online merchandising, digital marketing and social media to drive business and customer acquisition.
  • * Manage all aspects of the business for the ecommerce store.
  • * Design, grow, and oversee Email Marketing & Social Media programmes.
  • * Weekly reporting and analysis of sales, site traffic and social media.
  • * Partner with the Art Director to develop a strong online look & assist with seasonal campaign concepts and photo shoots.




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Community Manager & Web Producer

Just Eat is Canada's largest and fastest growing online food ordering service. Founded in Denmark in 2000, the Just Eat Group is now active in 13 countries around the globe and processes over 4 million meals every month worldwide.

Role Details

  • * Worked with Marketing Team to create, execute & monitor multichannel marketing initiatives.
  • * Managed Social Media properties for brand building, customer service and business growth.
  • * Created email newsletter content and translated visuals provided by designers into cross-browser compatible emails.
  • * PPC creation of Google Adword campaigns for keywords in multiple cities across Canada.




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Online Assistant Producer is the official site for Disney shopping in Europe, and is based at the Disney Head Office in London, UK.

Role Details

  • * Updated the Disney ecommerce site with new product and marketing assets.
  • * Organized quarterly photo shoots, booked models, stylists, photographers and studio space.
  • * Managed production of photo shoots at off site studio to tight deadlines and within budget.
  • * Wrote and edited copy in line with Disney branding & SEO guidelines.
  • * Advised and assisted in content creation for email marketing.

  • Web Production

  • Content Management

  • Email Marketing

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Documents Database Administrator

Dealogic is a platform used by regional and global Investment Banks worldwide to help optimize their performance and improve competitiveness.

Role Details

  • * Managed legal entities section of Bondware, a financial database.
  • * Responsible for the digitalization of Bond prospectus. Scanned, uploaded and linked PDF versions of documents.
  • * Filed and managed a hard copy documents library of prospectus.

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What I Do


I'm creative & bring this to everything I do. Don't worry, not in a weird creative "interpretative dance" sort of way (though I do bare an uncanny resemblance to Seinfeld's Elaine when dancing...)


I'm curious and always learning. I try new things and am constantly developing both personally & professionally. A skill I've found incredibly useful working in a continually evolving digital landscape.

Take Part

Since the dawn of dial-up I've taken part in online communities. Because of this I understand the importance of creating meaningful relationships both on and offline. I champion teamwork and work well independently too.

Problem Solve

If there's a problem, I'll solve it. If I don't know the answer I'm not afraid to admit it, and I'll find out what it is. I'm resourceful and love a challenge.

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Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Blogging
  • Hootsuite

Digital Marketing

  • Email/CRM
  • Copywriting
  • YesMail
  • Digital Strategy
  • Google Analytics

Code & Design

  • Photoshop
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Wordpress
  • jQuery
  • Ruby on Rails


  • Online Merchandising
  • Usability & QA Testing
  • Photoshoot Production
  • Product Analysis
  • Affiliate Programmes
  • Team Leadership


Ruby on Rails Web Development

Summer web development intensive with HackerYou. Focus on Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Git & Github, HTML & CSS, Twitter Bootstrap.


BA (Hons) European Theatre

Studied European Theatre at Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance in London, UK.

Dissertation focus on Film & New Media in Performance. Took part in a 3 month Erasmus placement at VŠMU - Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Rose Bruford

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Attended a specialty arts high school in Ottawa where a minimum 80% average had to be maintained to remain in the programme. Member of BOFA Improv Team, and Fringe Festival organizer.

OSSD, Ontario Scholar, and Fine Arts Certificate in Theatre.

Canterbury HS


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Toronto, ON, CANADA